Why you need a survey

Buying a home or property is one of the biggest decisions most people will ever make and yet many buyers are doing so blind. The consequences of not carrying out a property survey can be disastrous.
Your new home could have hidden flaws which could result in a lot of additional expense, hassle, and stress. Research conducted by the RICS, shows that “on average home buyers spend £5,750 on repair bills once they have moved into their new home”. To be an intelligent home buyer, it is imperative to have a survey conducted to advise you of significant defects and associated expenses to allow you to make an informed decision on your prospective purchase.

A home survey report will provide you with much more information on the state of the property and any work that will need to be carried out. If major defects are uncovered in your survey, you may even think again about your purchase, or you could be in a position to renegotiate the price.

At Wood Croft Chartered Surveyors, we are all members of RICS and combine wide- ranging experience and expertise of your local area. Our Surveyors deliver the most trusted property reports available, providing you with peace of mind by eliminating a minefield of possible complications and insecurities.

What is the difference between a Mortgage Valuation and a Survey?

When buying a home or property you should never rely solely on a mortgage valuation. It is extremely common for people to confuse the valuation report undertaken by the lender’s Surveyor with a Survey. It is important to remember the mortgage valuation report is prepared for your lender and not for you. At most it will give you a few lines of general advice on your property.

The main purpose of a mortgage valuation is to confirm the mortgage offer of the lender and briefly identify defects that affect the property as a security for the mortgage loan. On many occasions, lenders do not provide you with a copy of the mortgage valuation report, ultimately, leaving you with no information about the value or condition of your prospective property.

Conclusively, as the buyer it is vital that you do not rely exclusively on a mortgage valuation to aid your decision of whether to proceed with your property purchase. Wood Croft Chartered Surveyors always work wholly on your behalf for your best interest ensuring you receive independent and experienced advice on your prospective property.

What Survey should I choose?

At Wood Croft Chartered Surveyors, we offer RICS Home Surveys Level 1 (formerly Condition Report), Level 2 (formerly HomeBuyer Survey) and Level 3 (formerly Building Survey). The type of Survey that will be most appropriate for your prospective property will depend on a number of factors, such as age, construction type and structural condition of the property.

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